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Photos II : Around the Center     Text II

  Photos I : Approach to Naples
  Photos III : Mergellina and the End of Posillipo at Bagnoli

Seen from a bigger distance: The Corso Garibaldi goes from Piazza Carlo III (bottom left) to Piazza Garibaldi (bottom right). (+ click)
Naples Piazza Carlo III Piazza Carlo III, from where ...
Naples Corso Garibaldi the Corso Garibaldi goes to ...
Naples Piazza Garibaldi (Bahnhofsvorplatz) Piazza Garibaldi (view from inside the station)
Naples Corso Garibaldi Stub terminal Naples (Napoli centrale)
Spaccanapoli Aerial picture: The Corso Garibaldi leads on to the Porto Commerciale. Midway you can see the terminal station of the Circumvesuviana (the flat grey building).
You can also see the Corso Umberto I, which leads from Piazza Garibaldi to Piazza Municipio and Stazione Marittima (diagonally to the left)(+ click)
Stazione Marittima Aerial picture: Stazione Marittima (+ click)
Naples Port Stazione Marittima
Maschio Angioino 2005 (october) Aerial: Stazione Marittima, Maschio Angioino e Piazza Municipio (+ click)
Naples Maschio Angioino 2003 Maschio Angioino (+ click)
- with sleeping dog
Maschio Angioino 2005 (April) Construction of a new metropolitan (underground) line unearthes finds from the Greek-Roman origins of Naples. In the background you can see the back of the Palazzo Reale. (+ click)
Naples Corso Garibaldi Piazza del Municipio - on top certosa San Martino
Neapel San Martino Castel Sant'Elmo and San Martino (+ click)
Naples Piazza Piazza del Plebiscito (seen from the front of the Palazzo Reale). To the right you get to Via Toledo and ...
Piazza To the left: Teatro San Carlo. To the right: Entrance of Galleria Umberto I. Via Toledo starts to the right in the back.
Naples Galeria Umberto Galeria Umberto I  (+ click)
Neapel Galeria Umberto I Galeria Umberto I  (+ click)
Spaccanapoli Aerial: Via Toledo leads (from bottom right to left top) via the small Piazza Carità io Piazza Dante (left top). From Piazza Carità you get to (S-shaped curve) the monastery S.Chiara (center top), where the famous "Spaccanapoli" starts with Via Benedetto Croce (diagonally right to the top)  (+ click)
MANN From Piazza Dante the Via Toledo changes into Viale E.Pessina, which leads to the National Archeological Museum "MANN" shown in the picture.
MANN MANN: Inner courtyard of the museum with giant Washingtonia palm trees.
MANN MANN: Statue of Roman Emperor Tiberius from the Farnese collection.
Naples Botanischer Garten The Via Foria branches to the right from Viale E.Pessina starting with the museum. The photo shows the entrance to the botanical garden in Via Foria.
Naples Botanischer Garten Orto botanico (botanical garden) (+ click)
Naples Orto botanico (+ click)
Naples Orto botanico (+ click)
In this aerial view the botanical garden is situated besides and beneath Palazzo Fuga. Both are situated at Via Foria. In front of the palazzo is Piazza Carlo III (from where we started above). From there Corso Garibaldi (diagonally up to the right) leads to the main station and to the coast. (+ click)
Naples Vomero The Via Foria goes on to Piazza Carlo III, where we have started. If you go straight ahead you get up to the airport Capodichino. From this street you have this view towards Vomero hill

Photos II : Around the Center

  Photos I : Approach to Naples
  Photos III : Mergellina and the End of Posillipo at Bagnoli

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